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I have been using Perl now for over 10 years, since a University friend gave me a quick intro into how useful it can be.

I am working on a website release system based loosely on a system that we used to use on the first student run web server at my University. More details on my progress can be found here.
A simple perlmodule that can read back the value of a standard graphical webcounter. More detail can be found here.
I have a number of machines in my home network and the spare CPU cycles are currently dedicated to the Seti Project . Obviously being involved in that is all about the stats so I have written a number of simple Perl scripts to extract current user and group stats from the XML feeds that the seti server supplies. There are pages on the seti server to display the data already, but I wanted to play and not have to browse the site to get the stats all the time. I have three scripts at the moment.
Grabs the data for a particular user (by email address) and prints it to the screen.
Grabs the stats for a particular group (by name) and lists all the users in order of most reported blocks.
Similar to, however instead of printing out the results it stores the data in a database. You can then run it daily as a cron job and collect a nice amount of data for generating graphs of your progress against the progress of fellow team mates (will be working on these analysis scripts next).

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