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I spent six years at university, both as an undergraduate, and a postgraduate. Here is some of the stuff I got up to.

C classes
I got to earn a little money whilst I was doing Ph.D. research (in Medical Electronics) supervising C classes for the second year electronics undergraduates. They were using new editor tools on a new operating system (the *new* Windows NT had just been deployed across the site), and that had caused many teething troubles. So I produced some help pages to assist the students. It is provided here more as a curiosity, although if you are trying to use a windows c compiler with PFE it might be helpful to you. :-)
Star Trek Society
Throughout my time at University I was on the Committee of the Star Trek Society (Founding Committee Member in fact). I was Secretary, and when some group of physicists invented the World Wide Web (apparently), I also took on the responsibility of Webmaster for the society home pages. Alas the website is no more as the web server in question was taken down a number of years ago. However you can still view the old pages via the trusty Way Back Machine.

Possibly the best part of the site was The UK Convention Diary that I administered. It would seem that it had become the definitive resource if you wanted to go to a Star Trek or Sci-Fi Convention in the UK, and apparently still is, which is unfortunate as the server no longer exists. However I have plans to build a new one, and its going to be bigger and better. So watch this space. And if you come across anyone else trying to link to the old location on then tell them to watch this space as well.

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