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My work at NetBanx/NetInvest/Transact Group was quite varied, included here is some of the more interesting items.

E-commerce Security
In late 1999 I was asked by the IT Director to write an article on E-commerce Security. I believe it was published in the September 1999 Issue of "Connect Magazine" however I never actually saw it in print :-(. I do still have it of course and it is reproduced here for your amusement. If anyone did see it, I would love to know I got published (well kind of anyway :-) ).
I built the original extension for InterShop 3 to integrate it with the NetBanx payment system. I also built the NetBanx cartridges for InterShop4 and InterShop4-ePages. Along with the corresponding NetBanx server code. I also got to visit the InterShop engineers at their headquarters in Jena - Germany which was an enjoyable experience as well as a rewarding one.
I took part in the original research and development of the PremiumNet premium rate Internet access system. I was involved in the initial build of the client dialler (built with Borland C++). I installed and made appropriate modifications to the Unix RADIAS server, tied it into our web based administration/statistics server (written in Perl using a MySQL backend), and produced some web server mod_perl authentication modules to help facilitate simplified integration into 3rd party web servers.
I worked on the original build of Paul Raymonds Sexclub. Installing the web servers. Writing Perl, CGI and SSI code for the interactivity of the site. Integrating it with NetBanx etc. I also built some games in Java for the project. See the Games page for more details.

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