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I have written a few simple Java games over the years:-

I wrote this little app whilst at university just to play with the language. :-)
Paul Raymonds Sexclub
One of the projects I was tasked with during my employment with NetInvest Group (now Transact Group) was to build some casino games for Paul Raymonds Sexclub. The games I produced were:-
  • Strip Black Jack
  • Strip Wheel Of Fortune
  • Strip Poker
Yes there is a certain theme to them all. Sorry to disappoint you but you will only get to see the games play here, no naked ladies. ;) If you want that you will have to go to Sexclub.
A friend is producing some new graphics for me, so hopefully the games will be playable in a few days.
There was also a Lottery page done entirely will Perl and SSI, and there were plans to build a slot machine that only got as far as the graphics being produced for it. I'm working on building the game to go with the graphics.
This is based on a game I used to have on my old Vic20 as a kid. Actually I never really liked the game as my parents used to keep beating me at it. :-} Still I wanted to fiddle a little with image swaps and potential game ideas and the game logic for it is quite simple. The idea is to level the city by dropping bombs (press space bar to drop) on the buildings before you are flying too low and you crash into them. It works best on Mozilla, you might be able to get it to work with other browsers but it depends on how well they handle image swaps. Thanks to Simon who gave me permission to "borrow" some of his game code to get started. :-)
Global Thermonuclear War

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