E-Mailing Assignments


  1. To mail your assessment using Netscape go to the assignment page and click on the e-mail address you need to send the assignment to (you can in fact use this link to mail your assessment).
  2. If the subject has not been filled in the subject as C Assessment - Week 9
  3. Click on the Attach button.
  4. Click on Attach File....
  5. Select your c assessment source code (eg assess2.c) with the mouse and click on OK.
  6. The name of your code should then appear in the window. Click on OK.
  7. The name of your code should then appear in the Attachment box on the Netscape: Compose window. Click on the Send button.
  8. Your assessment should then have been mailed.

If on clicking on the e-mail address in Netscape to start the mail you get an error message about no host name given after the @ Then you need to Select Options, Mail and News Preferences..., Identity and add @ukc.ac.uk to your Email Address.


  1. Start up Simeon and Select Compose, New Message.
  2. Fill in the To field with pjw.
  3. Fill in the Subject field with C Assessment - Week 10.
  4. Click on the Attach button.
  5. A dialog box will ask for the name of the file you wish to attach, enter the name of your source code and click on OK.
  6. Select the Type of attachment and set it to Plain Text.
  7. Click on OK.
  8. An icon representing your code will appear in the compose window. You can then click on the Send Button Your assessment should then be e-mailed.


If you want to e-mail your assessment from UNIX then you will need to upload it from your NT account (if you have not also been working on your assessment on UNIX). To do this, log into your UNIX account then type ftp bodiam for username give UKC\<your_login>, and for password give your NT password. You will then need to change into the right directory eg cd ELT/<your_login> then type get <filename> where <filename> is the name of your c assessment. You can then type quit. You will now have you work on UNIX where you can use your favorite e-mail program and insert the file or you can mail the assessment with the command :-
mail pjw -s "C Assessment - Week 10" < <filename>